NuAge Tonewoods

NuAge Tonewoods are an eco-friendly hardwood brand that supplies high performance materials to the musical instrument market. We want to change the way you think about building an instrument and provide a sustainable alternative to endangered hardwoods in the process.

NuAge Tonewoods is a new way to build musical instruments. A more eco-friendly, organic material with which musical instruments are born rather than made. We are passionate about sustainability and our mission is to help build outstanding musical instruments, while having as little impact as possible on the environment.

We have the experience and knowledge to know a superior material when we see one. As an eco-friendly company, we take time to consider our environmental footprint and this commitment ensures our customers can also make informed decisions that will produce a better end product and have minimal impact on the environment. We aim to be an industry leader and the most sustainable solution for materials in the musical instrument market.

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