African Rosewood Neck Blank


African Rosewood – Khaya Ivorensis

African Rosewood has been the top tone wood of choice for western guitar makers for years.
Khaya ivorensis is a species in the African mahogany family. It typically grows in drier climates. It can be found in lowland rain forest that have a short dry season. It grows in groups or singly. It does not have many demands to survive because it can tolerate some shade and short periods of flood during rainy seasons.


  • Bright reddish brown tinge in color
  • Usually has a straight grain with minor curl or wave
  • Air dried
  • Strong and durable
  • Native to the hardwood forests of Africa


Inches mm
Width 3.34 85
Length 25.98 660
Thickness 0.86 22
Moisture Content 7.8%

Additional information

Weight 1.650 kg