Deacci TeleTone X-Vintage Hot Telecaster Bridge Position


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Deacci Pickups are the genius brainchild of Declan Larkin. Handcrafted in Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland, the pick ups are designed and constructed to Period Correct standards and include a number of components that are uniquely manufactured in house.

Their pickups deliver a dynamic, defined, and harmonic-rich sound because of the use custom winding techniques as well as the use of the finest quality materials. The pickups response are sensitive to the touch due to the use of vintage components that also help to improve the tone.

Artists who already use them include Ariel Posen, Johnny Fean, Mal O’Brien, and Mario Percudani to name a few.

The hot vintage is a classic Telecaster pickup set that is slightly overwound to provide some extra bite. A Teletone X set is best suited to country styles and players who want a little more drive to the front of your amp, but not enough to sacrifice any of that typical telecaster Twang. They still have enough output to make this a set rock and blues players will also enjoy.

Coming in June, Pre-order your set now!


Position Set (Neck & Bridge)
Neck Cover
Chrome, open
Wire Black and White cloth leadwire

Teletone X Clean Bridge:

Teletone X Over Drive Bridge:



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Weight .550 kg




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