Deacci TeleTone X Boutique Telecaster Guitar Pickups


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If you are considering replacing pick ups on a guitar, there is no better choice than Deacci Pickups. They are one of the most versatile pickups available on the market. Deacci Pickups are the genius brainchild of Declan Larkin. Handcrafted in Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland, they are one of the best boutique guitar pick ups that are designed and constructed to the 50’s vintage period standards. Their high end guitar pick ups also include a number of components that are uniquely manufactured in house.

Quickly becoming one of the top guitar pick up brands, their range deliver a dynamic, defined, and harmonic-rich sound. Changing guitar pick ups can be a daunting task. When selecting the pick up upgrade, it is important that the replacement pick ups help your guitar sound to reach its maximum potential. Changing the pickups on a guitar to Deacci can elevate your sound and help to achieve a vibrant and beautiful tone.

Due to their custom winding techniques as well as the use of the finest quality materials, a pickups upgrade will help to create an instrument that is highly responsive to the touch and will also help to improve the overall tonality of the guitar.

Deacci have quickly become know as one of the best boutique pickup makers for creating on of the worlds most unique and best sounding guitar pickups.

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The Deacci Tele Tone X model is one of the best aftermarket telecaster pickups. Their rich tone makes them one of the best boutique telecaster pick ups for jazz & blues. They are also an extremely versatile model as their bespoke coil winding makes them great vintage style telecaster pick ups, but they they are still considered one of the best jazz pickups. If you are considering them for a new build, they tend to work best with traditional woods like Ash and Maple.

Neck Position:
The slightly higher output of the neck position makes it one of the best options for a telecaster neck pickup replacement

Bridge Position:
The extra drive on the bridge pickup helps to create the beautiful tones associated with classic rock and blues, creating one of the best sounding telecaster pickups.

Position Set (Neck & Bridge)
Neck Cover
Chrome, open
Wire Black and White cloth leadwire

Teletone X Clean Bridge:


Teletone X Clean Neck:

Teletone X Over Drive Bridge:


Teletone X Over Drive Neck:



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Pickup Position

Bridge Position, Neck Position, Set