Gibson Firebird Plans – Full Scale Electric Guitar 1:1


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Full scale drawings of the legendary Firebird electric guitar. An immensely detailed black and white plan to prepare and build your own beautiful replica of the famous guitar. Features intricate sketches with shapes and dimensions, and full scale outlines of cavities and more. This highly defined blueprint also includes specific information about materials and scale length along with fret slotting charts and wiring diagrams to show how different components work together. Plans include drawings of the front, neck, side views, pickup and routing positions for electronics. 

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Featuring a detailed drawing of the Firebird model by Gibson, this full scale plan provides a clear outline to help you build a stunning replica of the electric guitar. With specific dimensions and full scale size, you can achieve unrivaled accuracy with the plans. What’s more, this black and white outline was produced using the latest CAD software to not only to produce a smooth finish in terms of the paper but also to ensure the overall accuracy. And this is highly important for the build, for the correct dimensions are necessary to create a convincing replica of the Firebird. More specifically, all  cavities are clearly illustrated, while detailed wiring diagrams and fret slotting charts explain how everything comes together. The plan is also a lightweight item and comes folded in a padded envelope that you will find easy to store away. In other words, you can use this full scale plan to bring this legendary model back to life and recreate your very own version of the Firebird.

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