Fretboard Radius Jig


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The fretboard radius jig is suitable for a number of mini routers including:

Makita RT0700
DeWalt D26200
Bosch GKF600

Precision made with a CNC, this jig will provide a smooth and high quality finish each time.

It is carved out of marine plywood. The base will require some assembly on arrival.

How to use:
Use a piece of scrap-wood which is same width as opening on the fretboard radius jig. Place your fretboard blank on that piece of scrap-wood using strong double sided tape to fix it into position. Align the center line of your fretboard blank with center line on fretboard radius jig. Move the jig from side to side or along the fretboard to carve your desired radius.

This listing is for one jig with a choice of one fretboard radius.

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