Graph Tech TUSQ XL Jumbo Gibson Style Nut PQ-6010-00


Graph Tech Guitar Labs has become an institution, producing some of the industries most innovative and reliable nuts, saddles bridge pins, bridges and pickup systems. Through patented methods and proprietary techniques, Graph Tech has designed specific tone and performance enhancements that were once impossible to achieve.

The result is an outstanding reputation for quality and rapid acceptance by guitar players.

TUSQ delivers the optimum frequencies from the strings to the guitar top, producing richer and fuller tone. 
Guitar makers and players agree… acoustic guitars come alive with TUSQ man-made ivory.  TUSQ is simply more efficient at transferring vibrations to your guitar top, resulting in big open lows and clear bell like highs
Quantity Price
5 - 9 €9.45 ( 10 % Discount )
10 or more €9.24 ( 12 % Discount )


TUSQ is consistent from piece to piece, and within each piece, to offer you harmonically rich tones without the problems associated with natural materials.
Millimeters Inches
Length 43.99 1.732
Width 6.14 0.242
Height 9.19 0.362
E to E 34.70 1.366

Additional information

Weight 0.095 kg

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