Epiphone Graph Tech TUSQ XL Slotted Nut PQL-6060-00


  • GBP: £12.76

Graph Tech Tusq is an innovation that results the most reliable nuts in the industry. Graph Tech will enhance the sound and tone of your instrument. Graph Tech nuts are designed to enhance the performance of the guitar.

Graph Tech nuts are known for their quality and have built up a solid reputation with players.

TUSQ Nuts can help to bring your tone to life, and help to create a full rich tone.


TUSQ nuts by Graph Tech offer you rich tones without the problems associated with natural materials.
Millimeters Inches
Length 43.99 1.732
Width 6.14 0.242
Height 9.19 0.362
E to E 34.70 1.366

Additional information

Weight 0.095 kg

Graph Tech

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