Grover 102-18C Tuners- Rotomatic Set 3+3


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If it is for a new build or your are simply upgrading old tuners, installing Grover tuners will give you the greatest level of reliability. Grover guitar tuning keys are manufactured to the highest level of precision and have become synonymous with quality. Grover locking tuners will ensure that your instrument stays in tune so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of tune when playing. They offer a wide range of products suitable for every instrument including Grover inline tuners as well as side by side sets.

Grover are known for their premium quality and are also known as  one the world’s finest tuner manufacturers.


Brand New set of Grover 102-18C Tuners- for a guitar.

This set classic set of Grover butterbean tuners are configured for a 3L 3R setup. They have a nickel finish with nickel buttons. Grover is renowned throughout the industry for their quality tuners for guitars, basses, and folk instruments.
The Rotomatic system means that Grover locking tuners are one of the most reliable models around. The gear ratio is 18:1 which ensures the instrument is tuned accurately. Grover offer the Rotomatic system in their standard and mini size tuners in the usual configurations.

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