Mahogany Green Brand Medium Guitar & Banjo Fret Wire-2.28mm


With one of the largest selection of fret wire profiles available, Mahogany Green own brand fret wires range in size from small, large, narrow, wide, low, & high as well as a variety of alloy finishes, which greatly improve the playing characteristics, feel and tone of any instrument.
Mahogany Green Medium Guitar Fret wire- 2.28mm comes in a variety of alloys; 18% Nickel- Silver, Stainless Steel, and Gold EVO, each of which brings its own set of characteristics to the instruments in terms of tensile strength and hardness, quality, tonal influence and aesthetic beauty.



Mahogany Green own brand 2.28mm Medium Guitar & Bass Fret Wire is one of the most robust guitar frets in the range. Whether it is 18% Nickel Silver, Gold EVO, or Stainless Steel Fret, they are guaranteed to eliminate the chance of any premature wear of guitar fret boards. Each set is sold as 9 x 8″ lengths (6 feet) with a slight 10″ radius which is a more than ample amount for any fretting job.

Inches mm
Crown Width 0.090 2.28
Crown Height 0.055 1.39
Tang Width 0.020 0.50
Teeth Width 0.033 0.83
Total Height 0.113 2.87

Additional information

Weight 0.095 kg

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