Jescar Medium Guitar & Banjo Fret Wire-47095


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Robust fret wire made from Gold Evo, Stainless Steel or 18% Nickel Silver. A beautiful alloy finish to naturally protect against premature wear on fret boards and bring a new lease of life to any electric or acoustic guitar. This high-quality fret wire by Jescar is also perfect for a complete refret to enhance overall appearance, while improving the feel and sound of your guitar. Each set is six feet in length with a radius of ten inches and available in small, narrow, wide, large, low, & high profiles.



Jescar has produced six feet of durable fret wire that is light weight and radius of ten inches. Featuring a bright and robust finish, each set is designed to make your guitar look amazing, and last significantly longer at the same time. More specifically, 18% Nickel Silver, Gold Evo, Stainless Steel bring slightly different characteristics that enhance the tonality and overall quality of the sound. And this is important because the appropriate hardness will not only improve the sound but also reduce the risk of fret wear and prevent any buzzing or degrading feel on the fret board. As if that’s not enough, the sharp and highly defined barbs on Jescar fret wire bite securely into the fret slots which always improves the performance of a stringed instrument. You can use Jescar fret wire to repair frets with pits and dents on an electric or acoustic guitar or banjo. However, this fret wire can also be used to replace flat spots on the crown which prevents the likes of string rattle, string bends and frustrating intonation issues. Meanwhile, a unique combination of alloys (nickel, copper and zinc) ensures the hardness or toughness of each set by Jescar has a longer lifespan than traditional fret wire.

Inches mm
Crown Width 0.095 2.41
Crown Height 0.047 1.19
Tang Width 0.021 0.53
Teeth Width 0.035 0.88
Total Height 0.118 2.99

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Weight 0.095 kg

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