Mahogany Green Brand Medium Guitar & Banjo 2.03mm Fret Wire


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When building a new guitar or re-fretting an old one, the size and material used in the fretwire are two important factors to consider. If you are performing a re-fret, the guitar fret size can influence the feel and tone of the instrument.

Mahogany Green own brand fret wires range in size to suit any instrument. Our range includes medium fret sizes, medium jumbo fret sizes, narrow jumbo fret sizes, and jumbo fret sizes.
Our wire comes in 18% Nickel- Silver, Stainless Steel, and EVO frets, each of which brings its own set of characteristics to the instruments in terms of durability, quality, and strength.

Frets can be purchased in a set of 9 x 8″ lengths (six feet in total) with a radius of ten inches, which is more than enough for one guitar, or in a full pound coil. Frets are available in small, narrow, wide, large, low, & high profiles.

Use the table below to help show what size best suits your instrument:

Fret Size
Gibson Les Paul Fret size 2.28mm
Gibson SG Fret Size 2.28mm
Gibson Standrd Fret Size 2.28mm
Ibanez Fret Size 2.41mm2.64mm
Martin fret wire size 2.03mm
PRS SE Cusome 24 fret Size 2.64mm
Standard PRS Fret Size 2.64mm
Ukelele Fret Size 2.03mm
Vintage Fender Fret Size 2.03mm
Vintage Fret Size 2.03mm

Mahogany Green own brand Fret Wire is strong, durable, and affordable. They are guaranteed to create a lasting finish , eliminate any premature wear, and ensure a smooth playability for your guitar. Each set is sold as 9 x 8″ lengths (6 feet) with a slight 10″ radius which is a more than ample amount for any fretting job.

Crown Width 2.03
Crown Height 1.09
Tang Width 0.50
Teeth Width 0.81
Total Height 2.36

Additional information

Weight 0.095 kg

1 Pounds Coil, 6 Feet ( 9 x 8 inch lengths)