Nu Ebony Fingerboard Blank


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Nu Ebony is a modified hardwood for building musical instruments. An extremely durable and versatile timber that can be used to construct neck blanks, fingerboard blanks, guitar bodies and similar features for a wide range of musical instruments.
Nu Ebony is an alternative to endangered hardwoods and a far superior material when it comes to design, touch and performance.
This high quality hardwood is FSC approved and a sustainable material which has minimal impact on the  environment.
  • Does not require a CITES certificate.
  • It is 100% FSC approved.
  • Has a density greater than Ebony
  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • Extremely reliable
  • Easy to work with
  • Can be used with usual glues, oils, paints & finishes for normal guitar building
  • No need to retool or re buy materials/ supplies in your workshop to build with
  • When you take it out of the box it is ready to be worked with


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Planned to smooth finish

Air dried

Strong and Durable

Good Tone & Resonance

Rich black grain

Inches mm
Width 2.60 67
Length 19.68 500
Thickness 0.314 6-9
Density 700 – 1100 kg/m3

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