Tesi 7mm Micro Kill Switch-Black Tip


The switch is easy to install. If you have the slightest bit of skill with a soldering iron you can do it yourself. If you do not have that skill, you should have a guitar repair person do it.   Because of the small mounting diameter, this will not fit in a standard pot hole so you will have to make a new hole in your guitar or pickguard.





Type: Momentary Push Button Switch
Operation Type: Normally Open
Housing Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic
Mounting hole Size: 7mm
Mounting Panel Thickness: 1mm-3mm
Operation Pressure:  about 3n
Operation Stroke: 2.0 mm
Contact Resistance: 50 mOhm
Mechanical Life: 12,000 cycles
Switch Rating: 5A/250VAC


Additional information

Weight 0.095 kg

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