Tesi 7mm Micro Guitar Kill Switch-Black Tip


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Tesi 7mm Micro Momentary Guitar Kill Switch
Thinking of installing a kill switch guitar button? The Tesi kill switch can change the dynamic of your playing style and add another dimension to your sound. Tesi switches are possibly one of the best available kill switches for guitars around due to there reliability and sturdiness. Installing a guitar kill switch button is relatively easy with each switch coming with a set of instructions. An electric guitar kill switch can transform your sound and help to elevate your performance to a new level. Tesi have produced one of the best momentary kill switch buttons on the market.
The 7mm Momentary kill switch has the most durability of any Tesi Switch.  As an metal kill switch, it is designed for constant use. Under constant abuse, this switch will take 1,000,000 (one million) hits.
This is a great option for anyone trying to replace a mini tone pot in their guitar.  The 7mm mounting diameter is perfect for small holes, and is much more reliable than a micro switch with a plastic top.


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Tesi 7mm Micro Metal Guitar Kill Switch buttons are one of the best guitar kill switches available.

Type: Momentary Push Button Switch
Operation Type: Normally Open
Housing Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic
Mounting hole Size: 7mm
Mounting Panel Thickness: 1mm-3mm
Operation Pressure:  about 3n
Operation Stroke: 2.0 mm
Contact Resistance: 50 mOhm
Mechanical Life: 12,000 cycles
Switch Rating: 5A/250VAC


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