Zebrano / Zebrawood Guitar Top


Zebrawood / Zebrano – Astronium gravelens

Zebrano has been the top tone wood of choice for western guitar and ukelele makers for years.
Zebrawood is traditionally quarter sawn because the wood is unstable. Quartering also gives the wood the zebra-stripe look. The wood usually has an interlocked or wavy grain and can be difficult to work because of the alternately hard and soft nature of the grain. Belt sanders usually give the smoothest finish when working with material that is both hard and soft.


  • Attractive grain pattern
  • Beautiful warm rich grain
  • Strong and Durable
  • Good Tap Tone & Resonance
  • Little to no no run out depending on the set


Inches mm
Width 8.464 215
Length 21.259 540
Thickness 0.314 8-10
Moisture Content 7.5%

Additional information

Weight 0.800 kg

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